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Air Quality

The EPA recently reported that Interior air quality inside the average home is up to five times worse than the air outside! Interior air is full of undesirable elements including pet dander, dust mites, pollen, dust, undesirable gases (that could be given off by your own furniture!) and more! You breathe this air, you live in it, and what’s in your air can have a large impact on your health and quality of life. We spend more time indoors – at home, at work, at the gym, shopping – than we do outside in the fresh air. We suffer from allergies, breathing problems, skin and eye irritations, and elevated levels of dirt, pollen, dust, allergens, odors, gases, and even humidity levels all play a major role in the quality of the air within your home and office. Triton HVAC is your interior air quality specialist and can help you in every area of air quality, including:

Air Filtration:

Triton HVAC is Colorado Springs’ Air Filtration specialist. There are many different methods available to filter the air in your home. All of them require a method that moves unfiltered, standing air through a filtration system which then sends the cleaned air back into your home. These types of filters work best in a central HVAC system / forced air furnace, essentially any HVAC system where it relies on ductwork to distribute air throughout the home… read more

Air Purification:

Triton HVAC is your Air Purification expert. With over 50 years of experience in helping to maintain the indoor air quality of Colorado Springs’ homes and offices, we have the answers you seek to breathing cleaner and healthier air.

Purifying the air is the next step beyond simple filtration. For multi-person households and offices, homes with pets and individuals with severe allergies or respiratory ailments such as asthma or emphysema, an air purification system tailored to your specific needs will provide the best results. read more


Colorado presents unique challenges to maintaining an ideal humidity level in your home’s or business’s interior environment. The combination of a semi-arid climate and high-altitude combines to create a dry atmosphere. Fortunately, Triton HVAC has over 50 years of experience working in this unique environment, and we can help you make your interior environment as comfortable as possible. read more

Inspections and Maintenance:

Maintaining filtration, purification and humidification systems is very important. These systems do not maintain temperatures; they maintain the health, safety and welfare of you, your family, and friends, and if these systems are installed in your business, the health and welfare of your customers. Making your home or business a place where your guests come in and say “Aaaaahhh!!” is practically a guarantee that they will return. Depending upon the levels of filtration you are using, we recommend filter changes every 1-3 months and inspections of all of your mechanical filtration components every 3 months. This schedule will keep your air quality management system functioning at its most efficient and effective level year-round.

It’s time to start breathing easier and living healthier! Call Triton HVAC and schedule a home environment evaluation today!