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Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

When it comes to Radiant Heat, Triton HVAC is your go-to contractor. We have over 50 years of experience servicing all types of heating and cooling systems in the Colorado Springs area and are well-versed in all variations of radiant heat.

What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is a heating system that utilizes heating elements like electric cables or water-filled tubing installed in the flooring. The idea is that the whole surface – the entire floor, for example – becomes the heat source. Simple thermodynamics – heat rises, thus effectively heating the room without the use of any forced air. Radiant heat’s efficiency, like all types of heating systems, can be affected by the amount of insulation in the home, the climate, even the types of floor coverings you use.

A benefit of radiant heat is that the lower part of your body – your feet, legs, etc. – feel the heat while your face and head remain relatively cool. In Colorado’s long cold winters, it’s really great when you first get out of bed and can put your feet on a nice, warm floor. For many people this is a dream scenario!

What actually generates the heat?

Typically, Radiant Heat is either generated by electrical heating elements embedded within the floor. Similar to how a heating pad works, or the heated seats in your car, the electrical elements heat up and then transfer the heat to the surrounding surfaces and ultimately to you.If your system is powered by a boiler, then very hot water is pumped through very strong, but highly flexible, tubing which is installed all throughout the floor surface.

Does Radiant Heat require service and maintenance?

Yes, it does. Radiant heat relies on sensors to maintain an accurate temperature, as well as the tubing and wiring to remain leak and kink-free. In electric systems, circuit breakers can trip and there can be issues within the electric cables or mat. Water-based systems can have problems with the circulator pumps, leaks can occur, as well as air bubbles (also called “air lock”) that can impede the flow of the water.

Triton HVAC is not only Colorado Springs’s radiant heat expert, but we are also your best choice for an installer.

For any questions you may have about radiant heat, contact Triton HVAC today.