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What Are Heat Pump Air Conditioners?

With the universal temperatures rising every day, cooling and heating units are slowly becoming a necessary to have feature in homes. Among the many options for heating and cooling components is the heat pump.

This AC unit is a type of special cooling feature that relies on a reversed heat exchange mechanism to maintain optimum temperatures in houses during cold winters and warm summers respectively. It provides a breakaway from the traditional gas and oil cooling components.

Since it is a new technology, most people are not fully familiar with the system, until recently. This article gives insights on how it works, factors to consider when choosing the right component for your home, and its advantages over others in market.

AC Units Installation

How It Works

This type of air cooling component relies on electricity in heating a coolant, liquid or gas to suck heat energy from the indoor or outdoor air and push into or out of the house and vice versa. Upon switching the system power on, electric energy heats up the coolant expanding it to push the collected heat energy in or out of the house. During summer, the system traps heat from the indoor air and loses it to the outdoors. During winter, the system traps the little heat energy from the outdoor air and pushes it indoors. There has been a heated debate on how the system can trap heat from the freezing outdoor air during winters. Actually, the cold air that you take refuge from during winter also contains some heat energy, only that it is not as much compared to the hot months.

Different Types in the Market

Thermal pump air components are categorized into two; depending on the source of heat that is used to control indoor temperatures.

Air Thermal Pump Unit

This type of thermal AC system relies on outdoor air as the source of heat it pushes into the indoor air. It is the most common and preferred type of thermal cooling system.

Geothermal Pump Air Unit

This type of thermal cooling system traps heat energy below the earth surface and push it into the house during the cold winter days. No matter how cold atmospheric air gets during winter, the underground condition remains unchanged. This system requires lots of excavation thereby raising the initial installation cost.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Pump

One of the things to consider when choosing a thermal AC is the lot size and nature. If you have a very small lot or live in an urban neighborhood, then your choice for heat would be an air thermal AC. However, if you live upcountry where lot size is not a concern, then you can install a geothermal pump cooling. It may come with more installation cost but you will enjoy lower running costs, going into the future.

Advantages of This AC

Thermal pump cooling components come with very various advantages over their gas and oil counterpart air control units. They include:

Cost Effective

They can be expensive to buy and install but cheaper to run and maintain. This is because they rely on heat energy that is readily available in the atmosphere. Energy consciousness of thermal pump systems falls between 15% and 65% less other electrically run air components. The level of efficiency depends on the type of pump air system of your choice. The only drawback with this system is that it may not prove very effective in extremely cold weather since the atmosphere may not have any heat energy left in it. In this case, you may consider a complementary heating equipment.

Environmentally Conscious

Compared to traditional gas and oil cooling components that contribute to environmental degradation, this one relies on heat energy. This eliminates the need for harmful fluids, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. The main advantage of using this system is that you get to benefit from carbon credit inform of tax refund from the government.

A Combined Air Control Unit

With this type of air cooling system, you just have one component for both functions, cooling and heating your indoor air during the warm and cold months respectively.

Knowing everything that pertains to this type of air system is important to making an informed choice when buying one or upgrading a cooling component. Having it professionally installed goes a long way in saving you money for routine maintenance and repairs. Doing this ensures it reaches its intended lifespan, therefore saving you money that can be used for other things.

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