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Colorado presents unique challenges to maintaining an ideal humidity level in your home’s or business’s interior environment. The combination of a semi-arid climate and high-altitude combines to create a dry atmosphere. Fortunately, Triton HVAC has over 50 years of experience working in this unique environment, and we can help you make your interior environment as comfortable as possible. It’s recommended that indoor humidity levels should be around 30 percent year-round, and potentially up to 40 percent in the summer. Our winters present an equal challenge as interior humidity levels can drop into the teens!

Why is low interior humidity a concern?

Dry environments can dry out more than just your skin. They also dry out the various fibers in your home including your carpets and drapes. All that dry skin creates more dust in your home. Cracked lips, nosebleeds, dry frizzy hair, respiratory illnesses, and aggravations to asthma and allergies are just a few of the side effects.

When you run your air conditioning in the summer, it evaporates the humidity in your air. When you run your furnace during the cold winters… it evaporates the humidity in your air. In short, maintaining a proper humidity balance requires constant work and vigilance. A proper whole-house humidifier solves these problems.

Triton HVAC fully understands this fine balancing act. We will evaluate the humidity levels in your home as well as the capabilities of your current HVAC system and come up with a recommendation that will meet all your needs.