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Furnace service


Will your furnace get you through the cold winter months in Colorado Springs? Have a warm and relaxed winter with Triton. It’s no fun to have a heater go out on you and have an emergency situation – don’t wait, let our team at Triton make sure your furnace is tuned up for the cold.


If you need a heater replacement or a simple repair, our experts are here to help. Our technicians are NATE-certified and licensed and can fix any make or model furnace system. We provide an estimate on inspection so you know what needs done.


Maintaining your home Heater and HVAC systems will keep your home safe and comfortable. Let Triton’s routine checkups keep your furnace equipment running perfectly and smoothly. Tune-ups lower the chance of an emergency heating repair.



Examining and maintaining your furnace and heating system is important to guarantee the safety and comfort of your home. Routine service checks help your furnace equipment run more efficiently. Keeping up to date on your furnace service ensures that you won’t run into problems and need furnace repairs in the middle of the winter.

Our professionals are trained, NATE-certified and licensed. Whatever make or model heating system, we can repair it. Let our qualified technicians have a look at your system. We can repair, replace or tune-up your heater quickly.

SUPERIOR FURNACE REPAIR IN COLORADO SPRINGS Having your furnace tuned-up on a regular basis once a year is the best way to make sure you make it through the winter in Colorado Springs warm and comfortable. It’s not fun to deal with a broken furnace or worry about possible repairs. Instead of waiting for your furnace to stop working, let the team at Triton HVAC & Refrigeration make sure your heater is working at 100% this winter.

How long will a furnace last? Most people we work with ask us this question. While there isn’t an exact answer to this question, because every furnace and home environment is different. However, a few industry standards are counted on:

If your furnace repair costs are near 50% of the furnace’s value, it’s time to replace it. Furnaces over 12-years-old have a high risk of having repeat issues.

During maintenance and checkups, Triton HVAC & Refrigeration will perform a detailed check to see if it is advised to do a full replacement or not.

Triton is here for all your service needs and guarantees that your maintenance is done properly to decrease the probability of furnace repairs in the future. this is why you want to perform checkups on your furnace and heating systems regualrly:

Peace-of-Mind: It can get frigid in Colorado Springs during the colder months when furnaces are operating most often. Annual service allows you to be relaxed breakdowns don’t happen during the coldest times of the year. Long-term Efficiency: annual inspections keep furnaces running efficiently, just as oil changes do for your car. Home Comfort: when your furnace is performing well it allows for constant temperature control and guarantees comfort. Furnace servicing checks for a number of problems and finds other issues before they even appear. We call this preventive protection. Whether you need a new furnace installation or just a repair, the experts at Triton HVAC can help.